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East End West End appeal

Holy Trinity Church in Westbury-on-Trym has identified the need for a major project focused on the east and west ends of the church.

The West End - planning for the future

However, access arrangements into the church at the west end are not adequate for the needs of our diverse visitors and congregation. People need to climb several steps from the west door or use temporary ramps from the south door.

An access audit has shown that there is a need to address these issues to improve provision for people with disabilities. But we also need to create a more welcoming entrance for the many people who visit the church. And we need to improve circulation space at the west end to cater for the needs of our congregation. It is also intended to replace the old Victorian heating system with a modern efficient one.

The East End - preserving our heritage

There has been significant deterioration to the stonework on the outside of the church at the east end in recent years. This includes erosion to the pinnacles, parapets, gargoyles and stonework around the windows. Stonework has cracked or fallen away in places. There has also been deterioration of the leadwork around the windows, with the rust showing as staining on the stonework under the windows.

Each year this problem is getting worse. Problems were first identified in a report in 2009 on the maintenance needs of the church. We are now seeing increased erosion: as water gets behind the stonework, it further weakens the stone, particularly during the winter as the water freezes.

There is now an urgent need to make repairs before the stonework deteriorates further. The church building has been on this site for hundreds of years and it is our responsibility to pass it on in a good condition for generations to come.

Read about the history of the church

Our target

We have identified a total budget of £300,000 for works including repairs to repair the stonework and the windows at the east end and installation of a stairlift and new heating system at the west end.

Our biggest challenge is in raising the £300,000 needed to make this project happen to secure the future of our church building. We are investigating a number of opportunities for grants but we also need your help.

Please help

The church belongs to us all and is at the heart of our community. The fundraising for this appeal is a huge task and we hope that the community will help us to achieve our target.

Please use the gift aid form and make cheques payable to: Westbury-on-Trym PCC EE/WE

Extra help from the taxman

If you pay income tax, you can help us to increase the value of your gift by 25%. Simply complete the Gift Aid declaration on this form and we can reclaim the tax.

If you have any questions about this appeal please contact either Keith Yeandel or Kate Hoare at The Parish Office, Church Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 3EQ, Tel (0117) 950 8644

The Delivery Phase is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund